Welcome to my Postach.io blog....

Inspired by the bloggers at the recent Social Media for Researchers course I went on at the University of Birmingham this is the platform I intend to use for my musings about education, technology and life in general...

Useful things I learnt today were:

  1. Tweetdeck is a powerful way of managing your Twitter and Facebook feeds BUT the IoS version is soon going offline so I've opted for HootSuite instead.
  2. There is a whole new world of research out there ripe for the picking: netnography, mining of meta-data etc.
  3. Topsy and discovertext are two excellent pieces of software for analysis social networks. They complement TweetStats and NodeXL which I had experimented with previously.

The upshot of all this for my own research is that netnography and data-mining must form a significant part, if not all, of my collection of data about the use of social media platforms by school leaders.

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