Oswestry #TeachMeet Presentations

The #TeachMeet went fantastically well with some great presentations and that unmistakable buzz you get when teachers start bouncing ideas off each other. It was great to receive tweets like this as people headed off home for the evening:

This little post will act as a repository for all the various presenters' presentations so that those who were in attendance (as well as those who weren't!) can see what was covered. The presentations are linked to the speaker names below:

1st nano and micro presentation session:
1. Cora Thrust, Micro (7 mins), Snowball
2. Paul Brewer, Nano (3 mins), 3D Printing in STEM education
3. Stuart Kettle, Micro (7 mins), Using Video as an AFL Tool

2nd nano and micro presentation session:
3. Julian Cattley, Nano (3 mins), Music on an interactive canvas
4. Angela Munn, Micro (7 mins), Improving geographical observations in fieldwork

Until next time....

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