New Technology: the Wacom Pen Tablet

Today's post is about new technology I'd like to try this year so it is rather fitting that today I'll also be delivering an INSET session entitled 'Getting Advanced with Google' to the Oswestry school staff. 
But rather than talk about software I thought I'd mention a piece of hardware that I am planning to put to good use this year. A little while ago I purchased for myself a Wacom pen tablet. I became aware that with my adoption of a completely digital learning environment I had lost the immediacy and fluidity of being able to write with a pen (particularly when drawing diagrams). There is something rather special and, I believe, important for learners about being able to show them how to build up a diagram by hand.
The Wacom tablet can also be used in conjunction with educreations to record such experiences for posterity too. I plan to put my artistic skills to the test over this year and see what can be done... Don't laugh, but this is an early attempt.

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