My classroom

Last year I was very lucky. I had a classroom of my own. This was it and I could organise it as I wished.
This year I am not so fortunate and am moving all over the place for my lessons. I decided that having my own classroom on a 30% timetable was a luxury the school couldn't afford and so fell on my sword. I'm not going to lie moving around is a pain. Nothing is where you want it. If like me all your stuff is online, you have to log on whist the kids get impatient. It's hard to start slickly. But enough of the whingeing...
There's a beautiful bay window behind the photographer. I can see out of it, but the kids facing the board can't. The view sustains me. The room was decorated a year or so ago and still feels fresh. There's not much space to put things on the walls but I've got what I need most - a world map. The whiteboard's too small but I never use it anyway. If I need to write something I project RealtimeBoard. In fact I use RealtimeBoard as a repository for all my teaching materials with a separate board for each group that I teach. We have a BYOD policy at Oswestry School so I don't need computers (though the room course do with more electric sockets). If someone forgets a laptop there is a class set next-door. You'll notice too that the desks are traditionally arranged. I don't mind this most of the time but it would be nice to have the space to shake things up from time to time.
On balance though I can't complain. I'm far luckier than these people!

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