Conscious uncoupling from social media 2019

I've realised over the past year or so that I waste an awful lot of time on social media. I've also realised that I the vitriol found on some social networks, particularly if you venture a political opinion, is pretty poisonous. I want no part in it.

Just after midnight on New Year's Eve I deleted LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest from my phone. Initially I considered withdrawing completely from social media for the year and focussing on more intentional activities, but a few important messages got to me in between deleting the apps from my phone and making them dormant on my computer. So I have decided to keep them active, but to only check them on my main computer where checking becomes a conscious and deliberate act, rather than an idle and repetitive one.

I realise that most people don't care:

But on the off chance that you are wanting to get to me through these networks, my response this year will be slow.

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