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Someone asked me today for advice on what blogs to follow in the education world. I subscribe to blogs through Feedly, which presents a convenient way of keep abreast of things in one place, and at my own leisure. Here are the ones I go to most frequently filed under things I consider to be 'work': Education and Productivity:

Mr Kemp NZ - a fellow expat teacher, who shares some useful stuff around teaching and technology
@LeadingLearner - a great blog for leaders and those interested in the issues affecting schools in the UK, particularly. Some very thoughtful stuff here.
Becky Allen - a recent find for me, with some very thoughtful posts around CPD and data/tracking
David Didau - I seldom read a post of David's without feeling validated. I know it's bad to live in a filter bubble, but hey...!
Filling the Pail - superb for puncturing the group-think that sometimes infects staff rooms and PGCE courses
HMC blog - posts are sporadic, but there are occasionally some guest-post gems
Scenes from the battleground - overly strident at times, and gets a lot of flak for it, but talks sense
Nick Dennis - incredibly thoughtful and nuanced - a deep thinker
TeacherToolkit - a bit of a machine now, but nice that I knew Ross when it was all a lot smaller. He remains personally responsive on social media. Incredible.
Wellington Learning Centre - research and opinion from one of the UK's most famous schools
Tom Sherrington - quite simply a force of nature. Came to Bangkok recently and is as convincing in person as he is through the written word
SchoolsWeek - worth a look for the latest (UK-focused) goings=-on in education
John Tomsett - wrote the most honest and practical book on school leadership I have read. Always has sensible things to say.

Cal Newport - put that mobile phone away!
Doug Belshaw - I learn from this guy every single time I either listen to his podcast or read his blog. One of life's beacons. Unbelievably productive
Seth Godin - one of those guys who trots out quotable aphorisms as though they were going out of fashion

I have hundreds of other blogs I follow in Feedly - too many really. But these are ones I'll tend to read when a new post appears.

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