Bad Weather

I'm not going to lie, this recent bout of bad weather has caught me off guard. I like the snow, but this time around it's come at a very bad time. I had cued up the last week of term for spelling out to my examination sets exactly what they need to do over Easter. Most of them will make it in still, I hope, but there will inevitably be those who don't. Of course, those who need to leave early, or can't make it in, will inevitably be those who could most do with my advice.

This year posting holiday work up on my site will relieve things a little, but there are still kids out there who won't read anything if it's more that two lines long. Those are the ones who need me to spell things out to them verbally and who are most likely not to be in. Grrrr....!

It's much the same in the wider educational scene. Those who most need school, don't turn up. I'm all for hefty fines and getting heavy with the parents. Just as I raise eyebrows at people who tell me their toddler will 'only eat' such-and-such, so I have no sympathy with parents who allow their children to miss school as they please and then wonder why the wheels come off a little further down the road.


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