Asana - a useful tool for teachers and leaders in schools

As I have mentioned before, I've wasted a lot of time over the years looking for and then changing the to-do list apps I use on my phone and computer (oh the irony!) Particularly at this time of year, aspreparationsfor the new school year get underway, many teachers will be wading through their to-do lists like there's no tomorrow.
There are many jobs that I do in my work that require a series of steps, missing any one of which could result in disaster. Inspired by Atwul Gawande's Checklist Manifesto I've started documenting each of the steps using Asana. I have, for example, a list of 'holiday tasks' - things that I need to do before each term starts to get this prepared. Thebeautyof using Asana for this is that a new list (or project) can be made for each of the groups of tasks you need to wade through. The tasks can even be shared or assigned to other people - an excellent way of managing a new project. I used this functionality to great effect recently when an intern came to work in the geography department. Without the need for constant face-to-face meetings I was able to assign her tasks and monitor her progress on them and also to attach documents to the tasks where needed.
Here's a screenshot of one of my projects - a list of things that I need to check are placed in the school calendar each term:

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