Apps and Widgets for Oswestry Staff INSET April 2014

Sue and I went on a course at which we met the indefatigable @timrylands. It is to him I must give much of the credit for the list of useful sites, apps and widgets that appear below:
  1. Padlet- online collaboration
  2. RealtimeBoard - a great place to organise all your teaching and to work collaboratively.
  3. Tag Galaxy - great for brainstorming themes
  4. Multicolr - applications in art and design?
  5. Simple English Wikipedia - applications for EAL, SEN (everybody in fact!)
  6. InstaGrok - an alternative to Google for searching
  7. Build your wild self - applications for creative writing?
  8. 360 panoramas - Mali malaria
  9. Retronaut - photos of the past with a difference like these picture of WW2 in colour
  10. Nice translator - great for the cosmopolitan mix of pupils that is Oswestry School!
  11. Ambient mixer set the mood in your classroom!
  12. Hyperlapse - rid yourself of the frustrations of street view
  13. Streetview stereographic - build your own world!
  14. 360 cities - a similar theme
  15. Tagxedo - Wordle with a difference
  16. Your weight on other worlds - one for the physicists
  17. The scale of the universe - really nice
  18. Cell size and scale - amazing!
  19. Stellarium - a free open soure planetarium
  20. Wikisky - exlore the Galaxy
  21. Autodesk homestyler - never have a bored weekend again!
  22. Mozilla Thimble - make something amazing on the web, learn HTML etc.
  23. Switch Zoo - create your own animal
Happy playing....!

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