A teacher is...

Today is day 18 of the @TeachThought 30 day blogging challenge (where is September going?) Today's prompt is:
Create a metaphor/simile/analogy that describes your teaching philosophy. For example, "A teacher is a ________…"
I thought I'd be facetious with this one:
A teacher is like a cliff: covered in chalk and prone to sudden collapses.
Teaching is like Facebook: time-consuming, strangely addictive, but you'll never make any money out of it.
Tweachers are like Chromebooks - bright, shiny, full of new ideas, but pretty useless without an internet connection.
Do comment if you can think of any more...
And just for the hell of it, a limerick with a Scottish theme:
The was a young teacher from Falkirk
Who made his students do work
If he ever had trouble
He made them do double
That clever young teacher from Falkirk
Now back to work!

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